Peta Moore Artist


My vision is to inspire the individual creative spirit through connection to art and allow opportunities for gatherings and artistic expression.


I trust the creative journey and inspiration that comes through all forms of art.

My art practice focuses on teaching and offering different mediums and subjects that I hope bring joy and confidence to all who participate, connect and share.

I look forward to meeting you ...

About Peta


I have always loved to paint.

It excites passion and brings me joy.

I was not always an artist.

I started my career as a teacher of sport and I have always felt the need to make and create.

I made the decision to share my love of creating through art and so I trained in the Arts.

I have established my Art business and teach art to children and adults.

I love that art has the ability to connect people in every community.

My art practice reflects my love of the country and memories of places that I have been.

I work mainly with acrylic paint and mixed media.

I have a Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Fine Arts.

I would love to hear from you.